WPC Presents A Vow To Rock

Come join us at the historic Bangor Opera House on June 22nd for A Vow To Rock.  This is not going to be your typical rock show!  We have two of our most favorite bands coming to Bangor to rock the evening away.  In between those two bands your rock n roll bloggers will be getting married!  We invite you all to our rock show wedding!  Portland’s Forget Forget will be opening the night with their lush sounding rock.  Then Sasha and Chris will get married where they first performed together, the Opera House stage.  As soon as that happy moment is over Boston’s Aloudwill take the stage.  Bring your dancing shoes because its going to be a fun one!  Get in you car and head to Bangor.  We will have friends, family, and complete strangers at our wedding/rock show, but we will have one thing in common.  Love.  Love for rock’n’roll.  Sasha and Chris don’t want anything special for their wedding, no presents please.  What they would like is for you to make a donation to the theatre (the show is free!), and buy some merchandise from the bands!  See you on Saturday!  Chris promises he will be there!

What Chris looked like when they first met.

What Sasha looked like when Chris first met her.