Band Profile- Dean Ford

Sasha and I are ready to have a blast this weekend.  It’s Thursday now, and we are counting down the hours until the Dean Ford show in Portland Saturday night.  If you weren’t lucky enough to catch Dean Ford’s set at the West Market Festival in 2011, heard his EP CTRL on WHSN, you are missing out on one of Portland’s finest pop musicians!  On his EP CTRL he utilizes electronics, but I know that I am excited to hear the full band arrangements of his songs.  They get the blood flowing, toes tapping, and have those memorable chorus’ that make you want to sing along at the top of your lungs.  It is pretty much a guaranteed great time.  Not to mention the stellar bands he has on the bill with him as well.  Portland’s The Other Bones and Sea Level (both WPC presents alumni by the way!) and DC Wonder from Boston will all take the stage and make it a night to never forget at Asylum!  Come hang out with us in Portland Saturday night!  It’s only $5!!!  It is going to be the best $5 I have spent in a very very long time.  Sasha and I want to dance the night away with you, Dean Ford, The Other Bones, Sea Level and DC Wonder, so put your dancing shoes on and get there.  Music to make you happy……..