Band Profile- Sweet Children a.k.a. Foxboro Hottubs a.k.a. Green Day

Green Day aka Sweet Children aka Foxboro Hottub

This is a band a lot of you have heard of before.  On the radio, on MTV when they used to play music videos, had their cd or cassette tape in your discman or walkman for the bus rides to and from school (or even work).  Green Day was and is still one of my favorite bands from when I was a youngster to my almost 30 self now.

The band started as Sweet Children waaaaaaay back in 1987 when the only two people you knew were Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt (this is not his real last name).  They did what every band does at a young age (15).  Practice in mom and dad’s living room.  Eventually they had a drummer with a little bit of cred and they got themselves a show at the famed punk hot spot 924 Gilman Street.  This is where it really started to begin.  They were seen by Larry Livermore, the owner of Lookout Records, and he wanted to record them.  The first EP was then made, 1,000 hours, and set to be released.  Just before releasing it Sweet Children decided to change their name to Green Day.  The rest is history.

39 Smooth was then recorded, they went on tour, their drummer left the band.  Tre Cool was a drummer for the band The Lookouts (yes the owner of Lookout Records had a band with Tre in it) and he started filling in while they looked for  a new drummer.  They never got one.  Kerplunk was made and they toured relentlessly on it.

Lookout became to small for Green Day and unable to keep up with the rising demand for their music.  In stepped Reprise Records.  Off to the studio to record Dookie.  One of their most popular albums to date.  This is the album that helped to slingshot them into fame.  It also closed the doors to many punk minded hearts calling Green Day sell outs for signing with a major label.  Still it doesn’t matter to people like me.  Dookie is the album that I grew up on. I listened to it when I was 11, 21, and I am sure I will when I am 31.

They recorded Insomniac, Nimrod, and Warning over the next  6 years, took a break in the studio, reinvented their sound and released the concept album American Idiot in 2004.  Green Day was popular again!  21st Century Breakdown was recorded and released and became their highest selling album ever.  Uno, Dos, and Tre were just released in succession in 2012.  Cuatro is a documentary about the band that will be debuting at the X-Games later this week.

So if you are in Portland Friday night, Green Day will not be playing, BUT  if you go to The Big Easy you will see When Particles Collide playing all of Dookie!  If there were a way for us to get them to play it instead we might let them, or at least play with us.  Come relive the year of 1994 with us.  We will turn it up loud and get you rocking and dancing the night away.  Thank you Green Day for making this possible!