Band Profile- Miniboone

Birthday Party at The Bangor Opera House

Miniboone has got to be one of my favorite bands that we have had the pleasure of playing with.  We have shared the stage with them in Biddeford at The Oak and the Ax, and more recently at Fort Useless in New York City!  Miniboone has also played a private birthday party for a fellow BDN Rock N Roll blogger/columnist, a set on the waterfront during the Kahbang Festival, and a WPC Presents Showcase also during the Kahbang festival.  Hopefully that makes it a little obvious how much we enjoy this band.  We even went to see them at The Rock Shop in NYC just for fun while we were passing through!

From the first note, to the last note, this rocking 5 piece has you on your toes at every moment.  The room becomes packed with musical energy (not to mention the physical energy that they put into their show) that begins to resonate in your body.  Soon your feet are doing this little step thing, your arms are getting a little loose, your head starts bobbing, maybe even shakes a little bit, you see someone else doing the same thing right next to you, and before you know it, you are dancing!  If you want a sweaty good time, then this is what you want to do.

Lead vocals are mainly sung by Craig Barnes (also on Keys, and sometimes Guitar), but every once in a while you will see Doug Schrashun (Guitar), or even James Keary (Guitar) take the mic.  Drew St. Aubin (Drummer extraordinaire) keeps the whole thing together with catchy rhythms and tight fills.  Not to mention they all sing harmonies.  This band is a must see!  You might see someone jumping off of drums, running into the crowd, having sword fights with guitars.  You have to see for yourself!