Band Profile- The Blackboard Nails

Its Thursday.  It’s two days away from Saturday. Saturday is the day to see a new band in Bangor!  Our good friends The Blackboard Nails from Boston will be sharing the stage with us at Paddy Murphy’s on Saturday and you don’t want to miss this.  Sasha will be getting things started at 9:30, The Blackboard Nails at 10:30, and When Particles Collide at 11:30.

The Blackboard Nails at Irving Plaza-NYC

Here is the deal.  You may have gotten a chance to see The Blackboard Nails this summer at KahBang, but if you did not, then come to Paddy Murphy’s on Saturday.  It will be intimate, fun, sexy, and rocking!

Bring your dancing shoes, your party pants, and your thirsty selves out on Saturday.  The Blackboard Nails blend their rocking and sometimes gorgeous haunting melody lines with great harmonies from their Bass player Rosie.  This is one of Sasha’s favorite things about this band.  Another lady who frickin rocks!  Their song Becoming/Unbecoming is a perfect example.  Until someone points it out, you don’t even notice that there are no drums in the song (Sasha just realized the there are no drums in Bush’s Glycerine), the melody and harmony pulls you in that much.  If you want to dance, She Wants is the perfect track to listen to.  It has the catchy guitar riff in the beginning, followed by the simplified disco beat that everyone loves right now.  Switch it up a little as the verse hits, another little change for the beginning of the chorus, back to some sweet disco shuffle (that’s my name for it).

Now that I have told you about them, check them out here on Facebook.  Like them!  Again, it’s the holiday season, go to their merch store and buy some things for your little niece and nephews, your rock n roll friends, office mates, or anyone else on your list.  If you don’t want to do that, come hang out with us on Saturday night at Paddy Murphy’s and buy some cool stuff there!  See you Saturday.