Band Profile- The Rationales

Today I bring you our friends The Rationales.  Hailing from Boston, they come packed with a punch of blues rock,  country twang, heavy hits, soulful vocals, and they will be in Portland Saturday night with yours truly (When Particles Collide), and Yes We Kin at Bayside Bowl.  Here is why you don’t want to miss these guys.

David Mirabella, the front man.  The guitar guy.  The man who plays his music with such passion you feel it coming through in the way he delivers a line on the guitar, or how his lyrics fit beautifully with the melody.  He finds a way to make their sound so easily accessible for the listener.  Their music reminds me of the late 90’s early 2000’s.  A time when I was finishing up school, and it seems like the soundtrack that would accompany the video of my life (if I had cameras following me around at all times).  There are the memorable choruses, that make you want to sing along after only hearing it once, or the oooohhhhh section that everyone loves to sing at the top of their lungs.  An introduction to a song that gets your toe tapping, head bobbing, hips swaying, maybe a little jumping up and down?  That’s what these guys will bring with them on Saturday night.  Take a listen to their music, but trust me on this one, the live show is amazing.  LISTEN HERE

Check out their Facebook page, or their website.  Then come out Saturday to Bayside Bowl in Portland show starts at 9!  Bowl and rock? YES!!!!