Band Profile : Lit on the Flash

Today I want to tell you about our very good friends Lit on the Flash.  You may have seen them around Bangor in the last year, they have played a number of shows at Paddy Murphy’s, a WPC Presents show in Orono, and at West Market Festival.  They will be joining us again this Saturday at Paddy Murphy’s for their Halloween Bash.

If you like the blues, and rock and roll, a dirty guitar, a bass player with a pick, a drummer with long hair and crazy good chops, then you should like Lit on the Flash.  Their sound is driven by Jake Roche and his trusty guitar and biting vocals.  Think Neil Young, Kurt Cobain, and Robert Plant all rolled into one.  With melodies that are hard to forget once you leave the venue (or your car if you happen to own one of their albums!) you find yourself humming or whistling down the road.  It’s an emotional roller coaster of sound, lyrics, guitar, drums, and bass taking you for a trip that you don’t really want to end.  Ups and downs, twists and turns.  Just when you think you know where the song is going, guess what, you don’t!  Kerry Ryan may look like he is just head banging behind the drums, but there are some beautiful things happening back there.  A lot of decision-making has gone on, each cymbal crash emphasizes something either lyrically or a guitar/bass riff.  Each drum fill is executed perfectly, even if a cymbal stand ends up being knocked over from the power of the drum stick.  That’s rock n roll my friends!

Jake and Kerry have a rock n roll past together that they don’t talk about much and they don’t let it affect them in any way.  If anything it makes them even better than they were in 2001.  We got the chance to play a few shows with them since they got their new bass player Andrew, and trust us on this one, this guy is friggin awesome.  Do yourself a favor and come see them!

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