And we are back……again….kind of.

Sasha and I have had a busy summer, but that is no excuse to neglect you.  Let’s pretend that we just sent you flowers to make up for all the times that we didn’t talk.  It has been a summer full of traveling as far as Kentucky to play rock and roll, hosting bands from away at what is referred to as Vinecott Manor, trying new amp setups, buying new (to us) vehicles, writing new songs, getting ready to release Pop! Pop! Bang! Bang! officially, hanging out with some pretty cool bands, buying pedal boards and pedals, being extremely Kah-tired after a great 3 days of showcases and 1 rocking set at Kah-Bang, we have been so busy we forgot that there was this really cool thing called “The Internet”.  But we found out about it again just this morning as we woke up a little later, with lots of time before we have anything to do today.  So like we said, we are back…..again…kind of.

We have some exciting shows coming up in Bangor, Portland, Boston, and Canada through the month of September that we will be sure to tell you all when they are so if you are around we can see you!  We also have some exciting news about our next WPC Presents The Bangor Opera House Session!!!  The show will be October 6th and we will release the acts soon!!!

For now, go to the folk festival, go to the dance tent, eat some great food, enjoy free music on the waterfront!  Give those guys a few dollars (I think they have buckets this year for donations?)!  Go to the merch table and buy something from a band, even if you didn’t hear them!  Help support those artists traveling from afar, they are there for a reason, they are good, so are their CD’s, so buy one!  See you all in Bangor soon!

You are the best,

Chris and Sasha


P.S.  This is just around the corner!