Happy Thursday (Opening Day)

So, there are a lot of people who don’t care for sports, and there are a lot of people out that there that do.  It’s opening day for Major League Baseball today, and I have one song stuck in my head.  While I will share it with you, many of you already know what it is without being sports fans.  Which leads me to this thought.  Music and sports have a really good relationship.  I have had the fortune of going to numerous pro sporting events, and while many would rather stay home and read or hang out with friends instead of being there, I enjoy it.  One of the reasons being when the game isn’t even happening!  Sitting there in the stands, surrounded by 60,000 other people, large speakers every 20 ft, all pumping out music.  Pumping out the classics, new rock n roll, old skool hip hop, it’s a crazy thing.  Then I take the musicians approach to all of it.  Did any of these bands think that one day their song would be playing in stadiums everywhere as people sang along?  It is a pretty cool experience to sit there and hear the sound system get drowned out by the crowd as AC/DC begins quietly and then you realize its Thunderstruck, the whole crowd just starts chanting.  Or obviously, my choice for today, and everybody’s second favorite Karaoke song (first is Don’t Stop Believing) Sweet Caroline.  Who doesn’t like to yell Bah, Bah, Bah…So Good , So Good, So Good?  So to all you musicians out there, keep writing, keep playing, keep performing.  Someday one of these songs being sung could be yours!  AC/DC and Neil Diamond wrote those in the late 70’s and 80’s and they are still being played today!  Happy Thursday, Happy Opening Day, Happy Almost Friday!!!!