What a weekend!

Wow.  This weekend can be summed up in that one word.  Or we can make it two words. Wow wow.  It was so exciting to be downtown this past weekend and WPC was able to take part in both Friday and Saturday night.

Friday night started early at The Rock and Art Shop.  Normally in the business of selling rocks, rock related art, jewelry, artwork, children’s educational toys, t-shirts, local musicians cd’s and t-shirts, and many other fun things, this shop took on the new role of Rock n Roll venue (get it? Rock and Art shop?!?!).  New to Bangor by way of Pittsburgh PA, Action Camp brought their style of electro-doom-surf rock to our fine citizens.  Captivating music lovers with their sounds, they got the dancing started early!  This group was very happy with the response they got from all the people who showed up!  Following them was Portlands new(ish) Electro-Pop band The Other Bones.  They were supposed to open the show, but driving from Portland, they got stuck behind President Obama.  This is their second WPC show and they have gotten even better since the first show.  The Rock and Art shop had a very successful first show!

From there, we all went our separate ways.  Sasha and I headed to Nocturnem to check out Travis Cyr and Strings of Calamity.  This was foot stomping fun!  Travis is the man behind the genius of Arootsakoostik Music Festival in New Sweden Maine.  We went last summer to report for  Hillytown.com and an amazing time!  We suggest thinking about going this year, it’s a drive, but sooooo worth it!

Juicebox kept the dancing going at the KahBang Arts Gallery at Zen, and many reports said that this was the place to be as well!  Who knew there was so much fun stuff going on in Bangor on one night!  Unless you went out the next night!!!

Saturday brought us the When Particles Collide return to Paddy Murphys.  That’s right, Sasha and I played for a full three hours.  Talk about fun!  Somewhere during our second set there was a reincarnation of some very familiar to Bangor Queen City songs that got the entire bar dancing.

There was a masquerade dance at Zen full of masks, dresses, zoot suits, swing dancing, and ladies and gents just looking good!  After the dance was over The Blast Addicts took the stage for the rest of the night.

Across the street from Paddys were some of our good friends in River Bottom Funk.  Laying it down, getting people out of their seats and picking up their feet.

This was a weekend that we would love to see happen 52 times a year!  Thank you Bangor for coming out and having a good time.  This is why we do what we do, play in bands, book shows, make pretty flyers, and load and unload gear.  See you soon!