Rock and Roll (Art) Friday

Tonight’s the night!  Get your pretty faces down to Rock and Art Shop on Central St tonight at 7pm for The Other Bones and Action Camp!  Two incredibly talented electro-pop- dance bands in Bangor for one night and guess what?!?!?!  It’s absolutely FREE!!!!!  Come hang out with WPC and all the other cool cats of Bangor tonight!

After the show is over there is plenty to go out and do if you are over the age of 21!!!  KahBang Arts still has their gallery going on at the Mezzenine at ZEN (across from the Penobscot Theatre) and they have Juicebox playing there tonight!  There is Karaoke with Marissa going on at Paddy Murphys, and our dear friend Travis Cyr will be playing at Nocturnem Draft Haus!  Its going to be a fun and busy night!!!!