Annnnnd we’re back!

Greetings to all our readers!  Sasha and I are home from our February Tour!  We put almost 3,000 miles on the “tour bus”, saw some old friends, crashed on some couches, played in two new cities, made new friends, had one radio interview,  ate plenty of convenience store snacks, recorded some videos, got one ticket (Chris has a hard time remembering to put on his seatbelt), played the game where you try to get as far as you can with one tank of gas because the further south you go the cheaper it gets, oh, and we rocked out!  Big big big thanks to all our friends, and the bands that we played with.

We are starting to plan our next big WPC presents show for April.  In the meantime we are putting on a small show with The Other Bones (from Portland, making their second WPC Presents appearance) and Action Camp (from Pittsburgh, making their debut WPC Presents appearance) at The Rock and Art Shop in Bangor!!!