Pretty and Nice

Tonight at Genos, Tomorrow at ZEN

These guys are bringing straight up rock n roll to this Anti Valentines show.  With a thumping bass line that keeps you moving forward and some hard-hitting drums making you want to jump up and down, guitar lines and chord changes that take you where you didn’t expect to go, rock rock rock…..wait for it, surf rock, rock rock rock, and vocals that make you smile, you do not want to miss these guys.  They are coming to us from Boston, and headed out on tour just after these two show.  Come see them, and you will be able to say you saw them at an Anti Valentines Prom!!!  Tonight at Geno’s in Portland and tomorrow night at ZEN in Bangor!!!  Joining them will be Yes We Kin (Portland), A Severe Joy (Portland), and When Particles Collide (Bangor)  Tonight is $7, $5 if you are wearing prom inspired clothes, and $4 if you have the code word.  Look for it on the websites and you might just find it!