Its Tuesday! Only 4 days until the 21st

Boxes- Live at Genos

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening.  The 21st is fast approaching and we are putting the finishing touches on how to make your evening just the littlest bit more awesome!  Just the other day we introduced you to The Other Bones.  Our good friend Emily Burnham also gave you some insight as to who they are, but we still have four more bands to talk about, plus  a few acoustic acts!!!

Boxes, from Portland Maine, may be one of the hardest bands to find on the interwebs.  Try googling it, apparently googles search engines think that I want to move and need to find boxes.  But once you find them, you will be pleasantly surprised.  They have such a cohesive mellow sound that pulls you right in.  They just added a new member, and it focused everything together, creating wonderful ghostly harmonies from a female voice.  Having a drummer who plays the drums is also a HUGE plus.  I realize that sounds funny, but its true.  You see a lot of people hit the drums, creating a floppy loud sound.  In this case the drum is played, almost melodic, taking you to another listening level.  This band has a very bright future, and we are very happy to have them as part of our WPC Presents event.  Do yourselves a favor, if you are in the Orono area on Saturday night come check them out at Bear Brew Pub.  If you aren’t, consider driving up, because it is going to be on awesome show!  Here is a video for you to check out from Boxes.  Have a great day, and we will “see” you tomorrow for more news!