Bring on 2012

Christmas is now behind us, as well as the new year.  WPC had a great 2011 thanks to many friends, family members, and most importantly you!  Our fans and our readers have made heading into the new year very exciting!  As we take a look back at what we did last year, we think about what could possibly be in store for us in 2012.  WPC started as a band, started our own website, played 55+ shows, hosted 4 shows under the WPC Presents banner (also sponsored by the awesome BDN!), went on our first East Coast Tour, played at Bangor’s West Market Festival and kicked off two days of music at KahBang!  We also made our first music video!!!  How do we top that?  By doing even more!!!

January 21st will be the first WPC Presents show (sponsored by the BDN) of the year at Bear Brew in Orono.  This one promises to be one heck of a great time.  With the help of some friends we have managed to bring you 8 acts between two floors at Bear Brew.  I want to keep you guessing, hoping, pleading for news, so I will tell you tomorrow what the lineup is.

Until then, I leave you with a video.  Also a clue…..