The Prograssabillies- Live 12/16

Announcing a brand new spinoff project from the Nevah Band – The Prograssabillies! Ed (flute, sax), Larry (guitar, banjo), Phil (bass) and Dick (drums) revisit some of the musical territory covered by the Nevah Band. With original tunes, a few swing classics and some bluegrass stylings, the “billies” (also known as the “punters” and the “fab four”) are ready to play for you! Come check them out on Friday at Bear Brew in Orono.  Free music and great drink specials!!!!

On another note (get it, note, like music note), do to the unfortunate death of a close friend, the band If and It will not be coming up on Friday.  After spending hours on the phone and interwebs yesterday and this morning Sasha and I have convinced a good friend of ours to come all the way to Orono to spin some music at the end of the night!  Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to announce that DJ Thom will be supplying us with some beats to get our last holiday groove on before the holidays actually get here!!!  See you all Friday night!