If and It- Live 12/16 at Bear Brew

Good Morning (Afternoon or Evening, depending on when you read this) Rockers!  We are getting closer to the big show this weekend and we here at WPC are getting really excited.  Our friends If & It from Portland are headed up Friday afternoon to be here for the show Friday night and they are anxious to get here.  The first time we met these guys was this summer at Bayside Bowl in Portland.  They were the third band in the show that we had set up there, and we had never heard them live before.  It was a great evening of indie-rock, with steady rhythm, captivating vocals, bass lines that move through your chest, and guitar lines that floated through the venue.  We were lucky enough to see them twice in one weekend.  The next night we joined a bunch of our Portland friends and went for a rock n roll harbor cruise.  These guys are a band that should not be missed.  Its not often that we can get these bands to come up here, we usually have to go there.  So come out and hear them, like them, love them.  Buy a cd, buy a sticker, and buy yourself a drink!  See you all on Friday night at Bear Brew for A Winter Wonderland!!!!

Check out their music here!