Everybody’s Rocking for the Weekend

Loverboy almost said it right, in fact I am sure they just sang the wrong lyric.  We are getting ready to rock this weekend and want to let you all know what is going on!  Downtown looks to be a fun place to spend your Friday and Saturday night, and if you believe meteorologists get it right or not there will only be light showers on Friday and little to no rain on Saturday.  So lets get to the lineup for this weekend.


Nocternum Draft Haus- WPC PresentsAllison Melton: The Milkman’s Union: Allan Trott: Jacob Augustine–  Show starts at 9pm and is free, get there early to grab a comfy couch.

Ipanema- Live Wire– 80’s cover band sure to make you want to put on the spandex.

Paddy Murphys- Encore Karaoke- Where you get to be the lead singer in Journey


Ipanema- The Blast Addicts– Covering yesterday and todays hits while throwing in some of their own.

Paddy Murphys- The 220’s– Hope you catch them covering Pink Floyd or playing some originals reminiscent of 90’s alternative grunge.

See you all out and about.  Everybody’s Rocking for the Weekend!