What the experts say:
Alcott’s songs are tough, heartfelt rockers, with deeply personal lyrics and alternately crunchy and jangly punk rock riffs. The duo setting shines a light on her words and guitar playing, which draw from such inspirations as early PJ Harvey, the Pretenders, Sleater-Kinney and the Pixies. Angry, fist-pumping anthems like “Dear Rachel” and “Not High School” fit perfectly next to the more melodic, introspective songs like “10 Years” and “Somebody Find Me.”
As a duo, Viner is tasked with being the entire rhythm section, a role in which he is eminently capable. His jazz background gives him a musicality and versatility that fleshes out Alcott’s songs. He utilizes the full potential of his drum kit, and is fearless in playing both big, crashing fills and delicate, polyrhythmic passages.
-Emily Burnham, The Bangor Daily News
April 7, 2011
Not only is the music captivating and full of energy, When Particles Collide brings a stage presence that will sink its hooks right into you. Trust me, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of them. Front woman Alcott works the stage as she hits the crowd with her powerhouse vocals, and shreds away on her 12 string electric Danelecro. Viner backs her up with tight, steady beats, accompanied by mind-blowing drum fills.
-Emily Pappas, Dispatch Magazine
March 23, 2011
What We Say:
We are a rock ‘n roll duo from Bangor Maine and we play a high-energy, captivating set of original songs about the things that keep people up at night.  The artful and simultaneously simplistic and complex songwriting akin to that of the Talking Heads, Television or The Pixies finds itself in a synergistic struggle with anthemic arena-worthy drumming like that of Carter Beauford or Mike Portnoy.
Who We Are:
Sasha: Guitar and Vox.  Illustrious Past: PalomarTris McCall and the New Jack TrippersThe PossibilitiesFeel It Robot, Queen City and a handful of other random projects. For 10 years Sasha played in and around nyc and now lives in a whole house in Bangor Maine with four out of seven rooms dedicated to making and/or recording music.
Chris: Drums, Vox and occasional keys. Illustrious Past: Jazz (Lots and lots.) Past and current resident drummer at Bangor’s Penobscot Theater. Occupies one of the other rooms in Sasha’s house.
How We Came to be a Band:
Sasha and Chris met in March of 2010 during a production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch at the Penobscot Theater in Bangor Maine. Sasha was cast as a guitar playing Yitzhak and Chris played Schlatko, the band’s drummer.  The desire to play together kept the two musicians very close over the next year and they’ve been crafting the sound for When Particles Collide ever since. They plan on taking this project as far as their blue mini-van will carry them!