About Sasha Alcott

A mild mannered High School chemistry teacher from the lazy little town of Bangor Maine…….. Sasha was supposed to be born in a cabin in the woods of Maine, but wound up making her first appearance in a hospital after putting her mother through 72 hours of labor. A quirky hippie kid, Sasha spent time digging in the dirt and bossing around the other kids. She spiffed up nicely and by age 14 was off to boarding school in Massachussetts which is why she’s such a snob. As an undergrad at Cornell she studied Chemistry and bought her first guitar.  It was a wonderful time for rock ‘n roll and Ithaca was chock full of memorable bands and venues.  Pet Stinky at the Haunt anyone? Then off to NYC for ten years of off and on teaching/rocking/grad school and general misbehavior. Brushed elbows with the rockers of the late 90′s early 2000′s until a wholesome move back home in 2006. Armed with a master’s degree in secondary education and almost 13 years of high school chemistry teaching, Sasha spends her days as a respected and responsible member of her home town community. But to most she’s the rocker-chick at open mic. Sasha met Chris during a production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch at the Penobscot Theater. Sasha took on the role of a guitar playing Yitzhak and Chris was on the drums.  Soon after the end of the run,  the duo When Particles Collide was born.