About Chris Viner

Born, raised and still living in good ole Bangor Maine.  Chris was given his first drumset when he was two because his parents were sick of him running around the house and beating on the woodwork with drumsticks given to him by family.  When in grade school Chris started taking lessons for drums and when old enough to join the school band decided he should learn a different instrument.  Chris started playing saxophone that year and continued through High School.  Among lessons for drums and saxophone, he also took lessons for voice and piano.  While in High School, Chris became a founding member of a young local jazz quartet The Jazzmen.  He played all over the state of Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusettes with this group of young musicians.  After High School they all went their seperate ways, including Chris going to the University of Maine to study Music Education with a concentration in voice.  Years later after playing with various bands Chris met a group of rockers from Orono looking for a drummer.  Chris joined Jacks Wild in 2006 and rocked the college crowd for three years with them.  While having the obligitory day job Chris still finds time to play in a jazz trio with the piano player Colin Graebert (from his first band The Jazzmen),  as well as being the Resident Drummer for Penobscot Theatre since 2007.  On a semi-yearly basis Chris and his brother Jeremy get together in Bangor to put on one killer jazz show for friends, family, and lovers of jazz.  His passion really lies in music and is happiest when performing on stage so people can connect with the music he helps create.