Band Profile- Elykksor (not a band but they support bands!)


So here is the deal this week.  Elykksor might not be a band,but they do some pretty cool things for Maine music.  Last year was the first year of the Maine Music Hoodie featuring Maine artists Dave Gutter (Rustic Overtones, Paranoid Social Club), Spose, and Will Mallett (The Mallett Brothers Band).  Last year was a limited edition run of 50 hoodies with the three artists signatures on the arm.  With all the hype last years hoodie got Elykksor decided to make the Maine Music Hoodie 2.0 in 2013.  This year would be different, it would involve all the fans, more artists, and voting.  There was a list composed of suggested bands and artists, and then a poll for fans to go vote for their favorite.  At the end of voting the top three artists would have their signatures featured on the hoodie.  Their was so much outpouring of love this year and such a tight race that the artists finishing 4-10 also had their names printed on the hoodie.  So who is featured on this years Maine Music Hoodie you ask?  Sasha Alcott (When Particles Collide), Loretta Allen (The Other Bones), The Ghost (The Ghost of Paul Revere).  We all met in Portland last week for a photo shoot for the three featured artists and I got to tag along.  It was great to see how much Elykksor cares about Maine music and musicians.  They want to bring attention to the music scene and this is how they know how to do it!  Last year they had a rocking party in Portland with Joe Gallant, The Other Bones, The Mallet Brothers and Spose.  I am sure they will be having another one this year so keep your eyes and ears open for a date and lineup!  Thank you to Elykksor for believing in Maine musicians, it means a lot to all of us!  Check out their store, buy the Maine Music Hoodie 2.0 (it looks cool and you can show your support for Maine music while looking cool!) it is only on sale for a week!!!!!  Go get it now!

Maine Music Hoodie 2.0

Sasha Alcott

Loretta Allen

The Ghost- Sean McCarthy