Winding down

Summer is winding down.  I am sitting alone at home, with a cup of coffee, staring at my computer.  Sasha is at school, in meetings, getting her class ready, dealing with Freshman Orientation.  Our Rock N Roll summer is coming to close.  It has been a great one at least!  We are ready to focus in on recording the next album, and bringing Bangor more great acts that they haven’t seen before!  We have one more Hurrah! this weekend in Keene NH.  Last minute we were asked to play a festival, so why not?!?!  We will let you know about our Keene Music Festival experience when we get back!

Starting next week we have all kinds of exciting news and things to do in the city of Bangor.  Until then, have a great rest of your week, enjoy Labor Day, have a burger or a hot dog, light whatever sparklers you have left, kiss a baby, rock out!