People get ready!

WPC Presents

Saturday is just around the corner and Sasha and I could not be more excited about this WPC Presents show.  Mother Leopard and Class Machine are two incredibly talented bands playing in one awesome space.  The Bangor Opera House!  This is your chance to get into the Opera House for FREE and see what it is all about!  Plenty of stuff happens there, plays, musicals, dance recitals, but rock n roll?  The stage is set, the lights are up, sound system is checked and loud (we know this because Chris has been there helping to get everything just right), now all we need is you fine people!  Come out Saturday night (its early, 7 pm!) and support live music, the theatre, local business, and have some fun with us!  Bring your dancing shoes, you are going to need them!  We will also be taking donations that will go to the theatre for helping to put on this great event, so bring some cash!  As always thanks to Bangor Daily News for helping make this possible!  See you all on Saturday!